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Frequently Asked Questions

Selling property, even unwanted property, can be a big decision. If you’re thinking about working with GM Home to sell your home, you’ll probably want to know a few things. Here are some of the most common questions we get from sellers:

Q:  Will My House Be Listed On MLS?

A: We are not real estate agents, so your home won’t be listed on MLS. Instead, we will buy your Philadelphia home directly from you if it fulfills the criteria we’re looking for. In some cases, we will later resell the home. Other times, we will keep the house in our portfolio of rental properties.

Q:  If I Sell You My Home, Will I Get A Fair Price?

A: We are very honest and upfront; we often purchase houses at below market value because we make our money by selling homes at a profit. Even so, we want to offer you a price that’s fair. We also offer several advantages that can be very valuable to you:

  • We close quickly, turning your property into cash for you ASAP.
  • We remove added expenses of agent fees and repairs to the home.
  • We save you the hassle of dealing with unwanted property; and as they say, time is money.
  • If we extend you an offer on your home, you’re under no obligation to take it. So if you’re curious to know what we’re willing to offer you, contact us today. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

We’ll tell you everything! Get our FREE GUIDE to the pros and cons of working with a real estate investor, as well as the timeline you can expect. Additionally, we’ll compare it with working with an agent and going the For Sale by Owner route. It’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Q:  What Method Do You Use to Determine Your Offer?

A: We’re glad you asked! We strive to be as transparent as possible because we want you to feel like you’re getting a fair value for your home. We consider several factors when making an offer. These can include the home’s current condition, location, and the recent sale prices of comparable homes. Our goal is always to come up with a number that both parties can feel comfortable agreeing on.

Q: What Makes GM Home Different from Working with An Agent?

A: When a real estate agent lists your home for sale, there’s no guarantee the transaction will happen quickly. In many markets, it’s common for homes to be listed for upwards of six months, even a year, before completing a sale.

Compare that with us: Instead of listing your home for sale, we’ll buy it from you ourselves. This way, you won’t have to wait months to find a buyer. We’ll decide to buy your home as soon as the same day. You won’t owe us any fees or commissions. Our goal is to eventually make money by repairing the home and marketing it ourselves. We’re willing to take on the investment risk, letting you walk away with a fair value for your home faster.

Q: “No Fees and No Commissions” Sounds Too Good to Be True. So what’s the Catch?

A: There is no catch, we promise. Often, we’ll even pay the closing costs when you sell us your home. We’re completely upfront about how we make our money. We repair and rehab houses, intending to eventually sell them for profit. Making a profit on a home, especially after investing money for repairs, is never a sure thing, but sometimes it pays off. Because it can pay off, we’re able to take on the risk and pass along to the seller the benefit of no fees, commissions, or hidden costs.

Q:  If I Fill Out Your Form, Am I Under Any Obligation to Sell?

A: Nope. Nada. None. Let us know some basic info about your property, and we’ll contact you if we’re interested. Maybe we’ll have a few questions. After that, we’ll extend an all-cash offer that we think is a pretty good deal. But even then, you’re still under zero obligation to take the offer. We won’t hassle you or pressure you to make any decision that you’re not entirely comfortable making.

Q: What Does the Seller Have to Pay When Selling a House?

A: Real estate commissions and additional fees can consume as much as 10% of the sale price of a home — but when you’re dealing with a direct buyer offering cash, you won’t have to pay a dime.

Q: How Much Are You Taxed When Selling a House?

A: Usually, when selling a home, the seller will have to pay a transfer tax (2% of the sale price). However, selling to a direct-buyer is a tax-free transaction.

Q: Do You Lose Money When Selling a House As-Is?

A: Selling a property as-is is less expensive than going through a real estate agent, in which there will be fees and commissions affecting your net profit.

Q: How Much Do Realtors Charge to Sell a House?

A: Typically, real estate commission is 5%–6% of the house’s sale price. But when you turn to us, you’ll be able to take our entire offer!

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